February 23, 2013

Heavy Ass Weights

You could be forgiven if, looking at Ronnie Coleman, you took him as a poor source for wisdom. This is why I've not included a picture of him here - though you can certainly Google all you like. Ronnie was a 7 time Mr. Olympia, and as such, looked to most eyes a grotesquely massive figure. This is not the aesthetic people associate with pithy quotes to live by. And yet, he gives us this:
"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights"
You can cross apply this to nearly anything. "Everybody wants to be a marathoner, but nobody want to do no long ass training runs", perhaps? 

But this isn't a running post, and it certainly isn't a bodybuilding post. It's not really a coffee post either, specifically. Though it could be all of those things, or anything else, if you wanted it to be. 

It's a post about this: Don't consider the end goal, so much as the process. If you don't lift said heavy ass weights, you aren't going to get jacked. (Steroids help.) If you don't run long, you won't race long. So find something you like doing, do it, commit to working your ass of at it, and see where it gets you. This is not to say that your work will always be fun; but if it's meaningful, if it matters to you and adds value to your life, you'll do it. 

And you'll get there, wherever there is. 

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