January 28, 2013

Writing Again?

This has been my lowest posting volume in some time and yet my highest traffic. The lesson: The less I write the more you read? Or perhaps you just prefer my old stuff. Can't dig the new material yet, good coffee blog reading hipsters that we are, eh?

I'd say this is a digression, except it's the start of the post, and damn near the end too. The fact is that I've devoted my free time to running on my now healthy foot, reading, and watching the clouds from whatever hill I just ran up. This is great for my soul but not so good for my average pace. I tell myself that I'm "recovering" still and that I'm just being careful, not lazy. I am, perhaps, lying to myself. But the hills are very nice and so are the clouds especially when there is a sunset rich and pinkish orange like a grapefruit splashed over the lake.

A customer told me today that good food often tastes worse than bad food - in terms of quality of ingredients - but that coffee was not this way. I agreed with her and found it insightful enough to share. Nacho cheese from a baseball game is unabashed shit but probably tastes as good to most as whatever fancy goat business someone told you tasted of herbs and sunshine. Goats are cute but I'm not sure that makes their cheese taste better or not. Anyway, good coffee tastes better than shit coffee, because shit coffee doesn't (usually) have artificial shit ingredients to cover its inherent shittiness.

I feel like us pro coffee folks should probably take advantage of this somehow. My plan is to serve good coffee and hope people like it. This does not involve goats in any way but I can't shake the feeling that it should and might be more profitable if it did. Here is a picture of me on a mountain with GOATS that are actually mountain goats which are actually not goats but like antelope type things.

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