January 19, 2013

Kenyan Night

Driving home after drinking a Chemex of something Kenyan at PT's, the acidity still dancing on my tongue and my neurons firing with nitrous fuel. There are hills and a dark sky and suddenly, no cars nearby. There are the lights of two towns; one is behind me and one is in front. There are the stars, like pin pricks in a black canvas, pulled taut over the sky, like there is infinite light behind the veil and I can only see that infinitesimal bit. There is the hint of endless empty as darkwave and then hardcore and then post hardcore plays on the radio, pulsing guitar and mumbled screams and barks of angst. Black jeans and black sky and Black Flag and black coffee. A smokestack comes closer, belching out fumes in to forever, lights and an industrial complex on either side. I eat a few berries and walnuts and feel good.

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