December 27, 2010


This is my 100th post. I do not feel that I ought to engage in any self congratulation, since posting here takes nothing more than my own willingness to make it happen. But if I'm not feeling self congratulatory, I am feeling a bit reflective. That is, I've written 100 posts on this site. But what exactly have I written about?

That's an interesting question, and one I don't think I can answer well. When this blog started, it was meant to be little more than a catalog of my coffee experiences. I would taste a new brew, and then post my thoughts on it. Perhaps I would visit a new cafe, or explore a new means of preparations. In any case, it would be those day to day things with which I would concern myself.

But whatever my intent, this blog has been something other than a catalog of experiences. Frankly, it has been more a repository of thoughts, of ideas more esoteric than practical. I briefly entertained the idea that I might go back over everything I've written, and try and note some recurring themes -- perhaps even find a consistent message.

But doing so, I think, would be wrong in some way, if the goal is to find repeated motifs. I am the man writing this blog, after all; if I don't know what I'm talking about, then that might say bad things about my writing, cognitive abilities, or both.

Thus, 100 posts in, I present to you a completely arbitrary list of things I think are worthwhile enough to earn a spot on a meaningless list.
1) Coffee tastes good, varied, and complex.
2) Mind the minutia. Grind size matters. So does dose. Little things make big differences on the palate.
3) Coffee matters. It is a beverage that is used the world over for innumerable human interactions.
4) The social aspect of the cafe is most important of all.
5) Drink quality matters a lot, too.
6) Coffee is healthy. So is milk fat.

I'll stop the list at six, because I can't think of anything else that ought to be mentioned. Like I said, this is totally arbitrary. I'll be back to writing something worthwhile shortly, rather than waxing poetic on my own work. There are two new studies, just published, which are related to #6. Maybe I should write less about the nutritional aspects of dairy. Oh well.

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