June 4, 2014

A little more on yesterday's topic.

So, that last post kind of blew up. At least, by the standards of my readership. It was posted here and here, which certainly had quite a bit to do with it.

I'm happy to see it. Most of my writing - well, all of it - is totally off the cuff. Shit bounces around in my head until the whole mess is too uncomfortable, and so I dump it here. This was no different. Just an dredge of words that ended up vaguely coherent.

I do occasionally like the result though. This was one such instance. And I do like that people read consistently, wading through my stream of consciousness neuroses. I certainly like it when more people than usual stop by.

A couple more things on that subject.

1) Bret Contreras has written a topically similar piece, that actually uses the dual hockey player/Kevin Durant example as well. It's quite good, and eschews the first person fluff that perhaps masks my basic argument. In any case, I'm somewhat encouraged to have traveled the same path of thought as one of the fitness industry's more respected names.

2) In case it wasn't clear enough already, I wasn't - and am not - suggesting that dedicated distance runners are "better" or "fitter" than people who practice other disciplines. This is an example of a day of training for the Crossfit Games team competition champions from last year. It is staggering in both volume and intensity, and beyond impressive. Any aspect, discipline, or demonstration of fitness fascinates me, as do the people who devote themselves to such things.

The aforementioned Kevin Durant has as his twitter bio a very succinct phrase, which I think applies to this topic: "I'm me, I do me, and I chill." The fitness world could stand to adopt that philosophy.

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