September 5, 2013

September 5

I think, but don't know, can't know, because this is my first time at this, axiomatically, that there is a very strong correlation between the amount of shits you give about the weather and your age.

I would further decry this slowly encroaching doom but I feel a nap coming on and the combination of those two things is enough to induce further anxiety so I'll just stop.

Finally: Today I had espresso and it was shit. They let anyone pull shots these days, damn kids. Back in my day, we pulled shots with a 500-lb lever using beans we ground that morning using a mortar and pestle carved from the skull of a dire wolf. We heated the water with pure tenacity, grit, and moxey. The resulting shot was as black as the void, with less mercy, and tasted like the spent ambers of first fire of man, tinged with Promethean promise and decayed godhood.

From these fires rose a culture that would call this "bootcamp fitness".

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