September 5, 2013

Night Lights

The night sky is a tarp pulled taut and pricked with holes which effervesce light in quantities too great to comprehend yet too diminished to illuminate the sidewalk which is clear anyway.

Cars turn on their brights sometimes and my stride stretches out in front of me, long and loping. But mostly there aren't any cars out here, even a few miles from town. 

A coyote trots by and pauses. We evaluate one another and I say hello as I pass. It does not move. There are plenty of rabbits and it is surely sated. 

At the top of the hill the breeze is cool as it is slightly from the north. There is a whisper of decay on its breath. 

Another car passes and it slows slightly. I am not a deer and do not bolt in to the road and so it continues on. I prefer when there are no lights. 

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