July 22, 2013

Science Faction

I think it is important, on some level, to realize that we live in a world where The New York Times writes about the plausibility of faster-than-light travel.

It is the same world where sports scientists are gearing up for the pending (ad infinitum, probably) debate on whether prosthetics are in fact an advantage, relative to normal (even elite) human tissue. Although, by 2016, it is likely the debate will have changed from "Is it an advantage?" to "Should we allow it anyway?"

I can read, on the same day, about how we've nearly exhausted the ocean's supply of several types of fish, and managed to create a field of (know one admits to a source) illegal genetically modified wheat; meanwhile, unstoppable weeds are damaging rice crops.

I'm not trying to make connections here, or make profound statements of any kind. As much as anything, I'm writing it down simply to remove the clutter from my own mind.

Making sense of things is difficult.

But I had a good cup of coffee today from a cool new place and Lawrence and that felt like it should count for something.


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