March 26, 2013

Plants From Places

It was mentioned to me today that not many people know what coffee looks like, pre-processing.

Here. It looks like the above.

Readers who are themselves "coffee people" know this already, but I imagine many don't. It's worth remembering that everything we consume - coffee too - came from somewhere, and required some work to arrive at its destination.

So consider this a brief reminder. Coffee does not appear in the pot at your local shop; it starts here, looking very much like this.

It is a plant that requires a lot of work from a lot of people to provide, and perhaps more importantly, a great deal of the world's soil and resources. 

This is not a guilt trip. I partake of this product and am employed in this industry. I am quite pleased that those things are true. Still, it never hurts to remember that things come from places, and all the steps required to complete that circuit.

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