November 4, 2012

On Not Being a Dick

So I have confession, and I hope you'll indulge me: I like some things that you do not. And even the things we both like, I may like differently, or slightly different variations thereof. I like things that are wrong to like, things that would earn me derisive looks and perhaps sneers from the elite of whatever particular subculture we're talking about.

An example:

I like sub-sub-sub-genres of metal that you would expect a skinny kid with longish bangs to like, bands that you might even call emo, but absolutely are not, I swear, mostly because there is screaming and melodic guitar riffs stolen from Swedish death metal bands and breakdowns borrowed from the 90's hardcore scene. A real fan of metal would, of course, call me all sorts of awful things from behind their Gothenburg beard, some of which would probably even be true. The hardcore crowd wouldn't have mean things to say, because they would be too busy kicking my ass.

So yes, I like some shitty things, if we're being honest. You do too, I imagine, and it's ok to say that, because we're being honest here, remember?

Of course, for me, coffee is not one of those things. I like exceptional coffee, prepared exceptionally well. I like coffee that people who like coffee are supposed to like. Judging by the fact that you're reading this, you probably do too. Either that, or you're related to me, in which case thanks for reading.

Anyway, high five! We like good coffee. What's more, we like the right kind of coffee. We win! Let's all get together and make fun of people who put sugar in their coffee and like mochas.

Or we could, you know, not. People like what they like, even if what they like sucks, according to the tastemakers. Just remember that you like shitty things too, probably, so don't be a dick about it.


  1. Hey, thank you for posting this with perfect timing!

    Without going into scathing detail, I run a small library where we provide free coffee to our patrons. We can't afford to make fantastic coffee, but I did persuade the powers-that-be to let us buy a proper grinder and start using whole-bean as opposed to 2-pound canisters of dirt. The coffee's gotten worlds better.

    Last week, I overheard several people commenting on how the coffee had started tasting awful recently, which I can only presume means that these hooligans have zero taste. I didn't get myself involved in that conversation, but it still got me all worked-up.

    So thanks for reminding me that, yes, some people like shitty things, and that's OK.

    1. You're fighting the good fight, no matter what said hooligans think; keep at it.

      As for the reminder, a good portion of what I write here is a reminder to myself. I am not nearly perfect, and my admonishing begins as self directed.