April 26, 2012


There's been something lacking here recently: Words about coffee.

Clearly, this is an odd state of affairs, and one that cannot abide. The United States Barista Championship was this weekend, contested while I was marathoning. I checked my twitter afterwards, and followed along with Sprudge's unique commentary. I could have written about that, but didn't, opting instead to hash out a rather long tale of foot bleeding and hip mobility, hill climbing and rock hopping. Simply, I've never competed, and thus don't have much in the way of commentary on the subject.

What I decided to do instead was ambitious, a Joycian odyssey (see what I did there?) in to Lawrence's own coffee bar scene. It's big, for a smaller town, and quality too. It's a lot of good things, but it's proven hard to write about. Or rather, it's proven hard to condense. There are different shops with different cultures, dingy basements to Starbucksy Starbucks. There is variety, but mostly, there is a lot to cover.

And so we will start, in the great tradition of fantasy novels, with a map.
This is downtown Lawrence on Google Maps, after typing in "coffee".

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