April 15, 2012

Flamingo Latte Art

That is a flamingo.

Or, more accurately, it's steamed milk, deftly flicked on to a bed of crema. But that sounds a bit arrogant, doesn't it?

It's the results of my 10,000 hours, my blood, sweat, and tears, etched in to a bronze plate. Too melodramatic?

Very well then. It's a latte. A pretty one, I think, with my attempt at a bird. The inspiration was this:

Now then, my result is comparably lop-sided, but nonetheless charming. It looks a bit like the bird on Odwalla bars and juices, which my place of business does carry. So perhaps this is brilliant synergy on my part. But there I go again with the hyperbole.

The truth is, this is garden-variety profundity. This is the result of progress and ambition, of inspiration and youtube. This is what happens when you aim higher, and pour better.


  1. While I find the art in your latte impressive, I far more praise you for your art in the words surrounding your flamingo.

    I applaud you on the time, energy, and tears put into the latte; however, your blog on such a simple part of life really put the twist to this flamingo that makes it even more intriguing.

    Kudos on the bird. Kudos on your blog.

    1. Thanks. I find the simple things most worth writing about, insofar as it helps reveal their complexity. Moreover, it reveals an awful lot about the people doing it.

  2. I dig the flamingo, Alex. And yeah, you could start an Odwalla latte art marketing campaign. Or open it up to whatever company pays you the most:

    "Place your bids to have Alex's next latte show your logo!"

    Could be a hit.