February 9, 2014

A Little More, Post Drop

And, a day having passed, I feel basically perfect. A bit odd. A bit irritating. But, whatever. I'd have accelerated things, if I knew how, if I could have. But such things are beyond me, of course, and so I was sick when I was sick, and shit at running on one day I really didn't want to be.

Went out today, even pushed things a little, and found 1.5 hours passed easily. I laughed, because you might as well.

Trying not to find a reason. It's tempting, of course, to think it's something I did, or didn't do. Something I ate, drank, whatever. Overtrained. Underslept. Deficient in this, that. Paranoia comes easily, when things go wrong. But it's not useful, not really. Evaluating is one things; doing it to the point of neurosis is another.

Funny, also, that I thought I might have been competitive anyway. A little hubris, that. Sure, I'd have tried. Maybe hung around a bit. But I hadn't read the roster of attendees. Even if I had, there were a couple fast guys who weren't known to me, but are now. Several would have been, however.

  • Three other local fastish sorts, one who probably deserves a higher classification than that. One did okay. The other two, like me, had disastrous days, and dropped. A bit disappointing, as I'd have liked to have seen what they could have done, particularly the fastest of us.
  • One, the course record holder at the Heartland 50 (at one hour, eleven minutes faster than my winning time).
  • And one, Matt Flaherty, owner of a 5:28 50-mile PR, Salomon sponsored pro. 

Point being, on my best day, third would have taken a lot of things going right. Still, a little sorry not to have that best day - instead, have by far the worst I've had in several years, in terms of health/fitness - and see what it produced.

Small matter, though, and I'm over it. Running today felt good, and I had good coffee. Thus, it's all good.

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  1. Always more learned in failure than in success.