January 23, 2014

Psycho Wyco 50K: Get Money

At my group run tonight, beforehand, discussing coffee. Asked if I had ever tried "Bulletproof Coffee". It is, essentially, coffee with butter. There is more to it than that, but I'll not describe it further. There is no shortage of information available online, if you'd like to look. I suppose I could link, but... nope.

In any case, my review:

I'm not putting fucking butter in fucking coffee. That sounds fucking awful. I mean... fuck.

This concludes my review.

And now, running.
This is my next race. 

And this, if I'm being altogether honest, is at least a little bit why. Barring injury, I consider sub-5 to be a virtual lock. Though I won't say that, because such hubris - much less public hubris - invites disaster. So I'll just say that it would be nice to make back my entry fee. 

As for the more significant prize money, that will be more challenging. Money draws fast people, and this race is no exception. The course record holder (3:59) is a former Oly Trials marathoner, and he broke the record of a 100K Worlds team member (Scott Gall and Andy Henshaw, respectively). If anyone that caliber shows, I'm quite thoroughly fucked. 

But it will be a race, in any case, with a deep and motivated field. Goals are as follows, letters indicate my theoretical satisfaction with the result, as grades:

D: Finish, alive and uninjured. 

C: It's an ultra. There won't be a moderate emotion in my body afterwards. 

B: Break 5. No one from Lawrence ever has, which kind of sucks. That includes me, two years ago, with a 5:05 in my first 50K. Two years is a lot of fitness though, so let's fix that. 

A: Beat 4:32:19, the fastest time run by a Kansan. Is two years that much fitness? Hell if I know. Let's find out.

A: Place in the top 3, regardless of time. It is a race, yeah? Not a time trial. If 4:45 gets 3rd, I'd still be "A" happy, without hitting my "A" time goal. Make sense? No? Well, sorry. 

A+: Win. Again, it is a race, and they don't list the results in alphabetical order. 

Posted online, naked ambitions and all, so now I have to do it. Thanks, internet.


  1. Good luck, Mr. Beecher. Not a fan of the Wyco course (though I am a fan of the Trail Nerds). Super challenging. I have a feeling that you will have a good time - weak pun intended.

    1. Thanks. Truthfully, I kind of hate it as well. I wouldn't ever run there, were it not for races. But I do like racing enough to compensate for that bias.

  2. There is a lot I could say about this post, but I'll comment on the most important aspect...yes....fuck butter in coffee. A friend of mine actually does this, adding ghee as well. He's borderline insane. Again. Butter in anything No? Butter in Coffee? FUCK NO.

    1. All other issues aside, I'm perhaps most annoyed by the pseudoscience behind the idea. Consuming copious amounts of fat no way enhances your fat burning capabilities. If you're concerned with short term fat metabolism (which is silly anyway), just drink the coffee black, and eat nothing at all.

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