July 12, 2012

The Proverbial Midnight Oil is Probably Bitter and Not as Delicious as Espresso, But Drink the Latter and You Burn the Former, Usually

I am writing this, not exactly as a public service announcement, but at least as an acknowledgment. I had a fair bit of espresso this afternoon, after having a fair bit of coffee in the morning. I then spent somewhere around 3 hours in the gym, because I look at tapering for a race like setting up expectations.  And frankly, I'm not quite sure enough of myself yet to have those. If I taper, then it's a target race. And if I blow a target race, well, that's not very good at all. (I guess this part only makes sense if I explain that I'm racing a 50K this Saturday. So, yeah, there's that. I'll probably write a really long race report about it. Get excited. Or stop reading for a week. Your call.)

But I digress. I had espresso, lots of it, and then went to the gym. I spent some time on the treadmill, the elliptical, then the treadmill again. Then I did core work until I couldn't, and dips and chinups until my arms went limp. Then I went back to the treadmill, jacked up the incline, did some sprints, then lowered it, and did some more. Then I did headstands for a bit, and tried to do handstands, but failed. I almost fell on my head a few times, but always landed safely, if gracelessly.

I decided that was probably enough, so I cleaned up, went across the street to the grocery store, and bought some kombucha (a delicious little money vampire that I hate that I like), sweet potatoes, and pears.

Happy with this haul, I ate a bit, and then sat down to read, if not the whole internet, most of it. The thing is, people keep adding things, like, all the time, so you never really get a reprieve. And so I read, about coffee and mitochondria and a kid getting eaten by an alligator, almost.

I decided that, since it was getting late, I should probably turn my computer off. And so I did, but since I wasn't tired yet, I started reading the latest edition of Running Times, which really makes me want to root for the Kenyans this Olympic year, which isn't patriotic, but oh well. But doing that made me want to check a couple running websites I had missed during my previous internet rounds, because there was too much other neat stuff in the way, so I did that.

Finally, reading made me thing about writing, that maybe I should do it, but I didn't have a story idea. But, you know, lack of a coherent narrative never stopped me from putting digital ink down, and so here we are.

Maybe there is a lesson here, which is why I decided to post this. Maybe you shouldn't inhale espresso late in the afternoon. Of course, they do say you can sleep when your dead, but I don't know about that. Really, I hope they're wrong, because if we get to sleep when we're dead, that means whatever afterlife you believe in doesn't have espresso, and seriously, fuck that.


  1. Oddly charming with wit. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee blogs. :)

    1. Thanks a lot. If I aspire to anything as a writer, it's some level of wit.