February 14, 2012

Project Vvlgar Interview

It's fitting, on Valentine's Day, that I link to a blog after my own heart. It's called Project Vvlgar, and I am interviewed here. This is not typical coffee talk. Or rather, perhaps it is. Baristas and coffee shop patrons are both stereotyped as being prone to meandering dialogs on life, the universe, and everything. This, I suppose, is an accurate reflection of that. 

The site also has a nice aesthetic, somewhat minimalist, and very clean. Given that, you will probably want to look around a bit; this is an idea worth indulging. At the very least, read How to Drink (and Enjoy) Black Coffee, as well as What Tastes Better, a Latte or a Cappuccino? Both posts cover ground that's well trod, but almost never as well or as clearly. If I taught Coffee 101, these would be required reading.

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