December 4, 2011

Left Hand Milk Stout

"Dude, look at you, drinkin' that hipster beer and shit. But nah. It's cool man."

And so I was, and so it was. Though PBR has the reputation as unofficial hipster beer of the unwashed masses, there is a segment that prefers craft brews. It follows, logically, that someone who appreciates specialty coffee might like their other beverages derived from a similarly obscure background.

I don't, really. Or rather, it's not the craftiness or the niche factor that drives my beer preference. It's simply a matter of taste. I like beer that does not taste like rancid water, but beyond that, I can't say too much. I'm akin, in this field, to the coffee drinker who knows that they like coffee, but not really what or why.

I do know, however, that I really enjoy the beer pictured at the top. It's a stout, but rather sweet, tasting a bit like chocolate milk. It's easier to drink that you expect, and not as heavy either. All in all, it makes for very comfortable hipster beer drinking. One can lean up against a wall, sip it with skinny jeans and a thin smile, and feel entirely superior to all the mixed whatever drinkers in the crowd. That's what hipster beer is for, right?

In any case, though I'm a very (very, very) infrequent drinker, I really do enjoy this brew. What's more, the website lists several others that I feel compelled to try. Describing a porter as having espresso notes is a sure way to lure me, after all.


  1. There's quite a few good craft beers that are coffee based/flavored. My favorites are Cubano Style Espresso Brown Ale from Cigar City brewing and Big Shot Espresso Stout by Twisted Pine I heard about coffee beer and spent a year searching for one, it kind of led to my exploration into craft beer and eventually brewing my own beer.

  2. That's a road I can't afford to travel down quite that far; I'm almost afraid I'd fall head over heels. But I'll certainly check those out. There's a Lawrence brewery that sometimes has a "Stumptown Stout", which I should try.

  3. It is a dangerous road, but things like the Stumptown Stout, sound like a necessary detour to me every once in a while.