August 2, 2011

Milk Curls

(Note: Biceps written about below may be somewhat smaller than those picture above)

People will tell you that curls provide no benefit when it comes to functional strength. And they will tell you, furthermore, that functional strength should be your goal, if you spend any time at all pursuing fitness. They might say something caked in physiological terminology, or they might appeal to some romantic notion of an imagined past.

These people are wrong. They are wrong that the only viable reason to work out is to develop one's ability to chase down an antelope on the Paleolithic savanna, and then carry the carcass home. And they are wrong, specifically, that the biceps aren't important enough to merit targeting.

How do I know this? I'm not a strength coach, or an athlete of any merit. And I'm not even jacked. But I did carry three gallons of milk in each hand today, up two flights of stairs, then a couple hundred yards outside.

The Crossfit brigade can keep their kipping pullups.

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