May 4, 2011

Straight Business

Cold press is strong stuff, the concentrated nectar of a pound of course grounds, left to steep overnight and wrung through a filter. It tastes dense, heavy, like a lightly sweetened fudge. It's the sort of thing you're supposed to cut, at least 50/50, with water or milk. 

That's the conventional take. Some advise even weaker preparations, like the bottle I purchased this morning. "Mix 3 ounces of concentrate with 8 ounces hot or cold water to make a strong cup of coffee." The bottle wasn't very big, maybe 9 ounces total, so this may well have been to give the illusion of value rather than save the customer from jitters. 

But nevermind all that, because I drank it straight. I drank it straight, despite having a cup of coffee earlier in the morning; and I sit here now, drinking another.

Some might say this is a problem. They might be right. I'm not advocating for cold press chugging, or rampant caffeination by any other means. But to some extant, I value transparency. And in the name of full disclosure, I think it's important to note the kind of coffee drinker I am.

In short: I don't do well with moderation.

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