January 26, 2011

A Recipe, Revised

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to browse past posts, see if there was anything I wanted to correct, or perhaps add to. Though this blog hasn't been around too long, opinions are fluid things; and though we humans like categorical thinking (as is often said, we like putting things in boxes), we like to move from one category to the next. To whit: The older the post, the more elitist my opinion might seem, regarding coffee, and the alteration thereof.

But in so doing, I discovered something. My aptly named "Dry Cappuccino Post" has been read more than any other. This despite the fact that I didn't link it on facebook (or any other site, for that matter), and I hadn't yet appeared anywhere else in the coffee blogoshpere. Though I'm still a small fish in a small pond, I was a veritable minnow then. And yet, somehow, more people have sought ought and read that post than any of my other pieces.

This raises a few points. First, there is the horrifying possibility that people are out there searching the internet for cappuccino preparation techniques, and finding me as a resource. Second, that means there must be a lack of more legitimate options. And third, it means that I had better clean up the post a bit, if people are actually going to use it.

Initially, I had written it after preparing what I considered to be a very good dry cappuccino. It was not a piece I put much thought in to, and it certainly wasn't intended to be a definitive guide to anything. That said, I think the advice given there is actionable, and the steps listed, if followed, should produce quality foam. Thus I don't plan on changing any of the listed steps, though the wording might be altered a touch. I will certainly break it up a bit, and format things differently. Which is to say, I will format it, period. The initial post was one tedious paragraph. Again, there is good information there, but extracting it might be difficult. So I will make it more user friendly.

So yes, this post is merely about another post. I'm writing about my writing, something that could seem an exercise is self-gratification -- and perhaps it is that, on some level. But mostly, I'd like to think this post will be useful, if only because I hope the post it's about will be useful. This written, The Dry Cappuccino post will be edited. Hopefully it will be more read -- and better used -- in its new incarnation.

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