October 18, 2010

India, not just for tea, apparently

I am, depending on which post you read, alternately humble and arrogant. Perhaps I am some mixture of the two -- which, I think, most people are if we're being honest. That said, I tend to think rather highly of what I think. Furthermore, I tend to think that I possess a pretty substantial body of knowledge, at least when it comes to things I care enough to learn about.

Coffee, of course, is one such thing. I think I know a lot about it -- more, probably, than anyone else I know. I will, of course, admit that there a plenty of others, more deeply embedded in the industry that I, whose collection of knowledge dwarfs mine. But be that as it may, I know my coffee.

At least, I would like to think that I do. Which is it came as something of a surprise to me, frankly, when I saw a coffee I had never seen this morning. I drove to Dunn Bros, after pulling on a pair of jeans and t shirt which seemed, all things considered, to be in wearable condition. There, I purchased a double espresso and a evol burrito. The burrito is a neat little concept, if a bit gimmicky. The idea is that the ingredients are mostly organic, all sustainable, and made with as humane practices as possible. But it also tasted good, which is nice, and isn't the grease bomb that typical breakfast burritos are. That is, one can eat it, take a look at the nutrition information, and feel better, not worse, about their consumption.

But I digress. Somewhere there is a blog about breakfast burritos. But this is not that blog. This is about coffee. To that point, the espresso was terrible. I don't know where the barista put my crema, but it wasn't sitting on top of my shots where it's supposed to be. Past that, the taste was as bitter as non-espresso drinkers claim all espresso shots are. I came very close to putting sugar in it, if that tells you anything, and it really should.

This would have been a pretty forgettable little breakfast, if not for the fact that, upon finishing that "espresso", I saw I sign for a coffee from India. India, of course, is famous for its tea, curry, and musical numbers. All of which I enjoy in their place, but not so much as coffee, which frankly, I did not know India produced. Unfortunately, Dunn Bros didn't have any on tap at the time, so I have no idea how it tastes. But I'll find out soon enough, I think; and when I do, I'll be sure to write an obscene amount about the experience.

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